During the winter, I always like to protect my boat. There are several ways to do this:

  • If you can take it out of the water, that’s best. It needs to be in storage or at least under a cover.
  • You can take the battery out for safe keeping, and you can add mold and mildew bags to prevent damage.
  • If you must leave it in the water, there are covers that can still provide protection. Do not take the battery out, though, because it is still needed for the bilge pump.
  • Even though the boat is out of use, you should top off the gasoline. A full tank is less likely to oxidize. Another good tip is to have someone change the oil. This gets rid of impurities that otherwise might harm the engine when it’s restarted this spring. 
  • The hull may need attention, too. Winter is the time to patch and seal any scratches, bubbles or other paint problems. A scarred hull just invites rust and bigger problems.

For oil changes, hull repairs and more, you can always bring it to us at Manatee Mobile Marine, serving Tampa, Bradenton, Palmetto, and Anna Maria Island.

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