Keeping your boat looking new year after year…

Even if high-quality polishes are used, the efforts are fruitless on a boat that has been excessively exposed. Irreversible damages are caused by exposure to the sun and other harsh elements of nature like snow and hail. The best polishes cannot reverse years of damage. That is why placing a cover on the boat is ideal. Then, the only maintenance task is to wipe down the boat. After a few years of storage, the boat keeps looking brand new. 

It is also important to keep the boat well-secured when it is not being used. There are attractive boats that have been damaged after one major storm. If a storm is not anticipated, rock chips should be. A thick cover is enough to protect against rock chips that could fly out of nowhere.

Maintaining the new look of a boat is about investing enough time in its care. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals. Many boat owners wax their boats at least twice a year. It only takes a few minutes to clean and wax the interior. Simple wipes are enough to remove water spots before they set it permanently. The product is cheap at a few dollars and does not strip the boat of its natural luster. With regular bouts of maintenance, any boat can continue looking good after years of use.

If your boat is showing its age, contact us at Manatee Mobile Marine and let us help you restore your boat to its former glory. We offer mobile marine services for those boats to large to trailer or bring your boat by and let us take a look at what will work best to restore your boat.

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