Proper ways to store your boat

Each fall you have to store your boat and anxiously await the return of the warmth in the following spring. Make sure you put your boat away for its winter rest with the right care so you won’t have any problems when it’s time to make the next launch.

The following winterizing steps will keep the engine and body ready for action on the water. 

Swab the Decks Clean your boat from top to bottom and side to side. Wipe out drawers and run a cloth doused with lemon oil over any wood furnishings. Sweep the floors, mop and vacuum where necessary, and clean out the bilge. 

Assess Damages and Seek Repairs Don’t leave damages until springtime for repair. Contact to make sure your boat is up and running when the first day of good weather hits. 

Winterize Your Engine Top off your tanks to about 7/8 of a full tank and stabilize your fuel with a reliable biocide additive. Check the coolant levels as well as the hoses, belts, clamps, thru-hulls, sump pumps and strainers. 

Care for Your Water Tanks Empty your water tanks and water heater once you have turned it off.

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